The Austrian Government is funding solar power awareness in SA, and is offering to pay 50% of the costs of installing solar water heating units to clinics, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages etc.  Generally schools would not be considered but I’ve been told that any institution is welcome to apply – there are still lots of units available so if their application is persuasive enough they would stand a good chance.

Given the huge leap in electricity costs, this could save those institutions a lot of money although, unfortunately, there are of course still some costs involved in the initial installation.  As a thumb suck, they are looking at providing between 2 and 6 square meters of solar panels, and the normal cost per square metre is between R 3000 and R 6000, depending on whether or not there are already geysers in place, whether or not the roof would need extra structuring etc.

If you can think of any institutions that might benefit from this (or perhaps any organisations that would be willing to sponsor the remaining 50% of costs) then please contact Neill Ions on or 074 134 3030.

 Source: Daisy Ions of