The winning poet in the 26-35 yrs category is Lutcia Primich Griessel with her poem Time And Patience while the winner in the Over 35 yrs category is Richard Street with his poem More And More Each Day.

The competition was generously sponsored by the following businesses in Simon’s Town:

JML Rotary Scout Boat berthed at FBYC – a trip in the bay for 2
Grosvenor Guest House – an overnight stay for 2
Pescados for a meal voucher
Neptunes at FBYC for a meal voucher
Simonstown Bottle Store for a bottle of champagne

Colleen Liell- Cock


Lutcia Primich Griessel, winning poet in the 26-35 yrs categoryTime And Patience

Time and Patience

Moving on their own

Time turns to understanding

Receives a brighter view

While patience learns

That the wait is

Worth her while

And she smiles with this

Knowing upon her face

Rushing through her body

Inside of her

She feels herself

And knows that

Time has stopped

To listen to her heartbeat

She’s breathing in his

Breathing out

Falling asleep to

The rhythm of

A beautiful day


Time and Patience

Found a way

Lutcia Primich Griessel

Winner 26-35 yrs Category


Richard Street, winning poet in the Over 35yrs Category in the Simon's Town Valentine's Poetry Competition 2012More And More Each Day

 What is more feeble than this pen

Which vainly tries to write – and then

Just cannot find the words that tell

My love for you which casts it’s spell

And sends me to the brink of bliss

And has me scribble notes like this.


Crumpled sheets of paper lie

Scattered as I vainly try

To get the ink to smoothly flow

So you can feel and surely know

My deep and tender love for you

Has lasted well beyond “I do”.


And as the crumpled papers mount

So many now that I lose count

I shake my head and heave a sigh.

Could I count the star on high?

Count the droplets in the sea?

So much easier that would be.


I gather up the paper scraps

And ruefully I think perhaps

There are no words that I could find

No matter how I strain my mind

Except with deep respect to say:

“I love you more and more each day.”


Richard Street

Winner over 35 Category

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