March 2012 newsletter of the Simon’s Town Civic Association, specifically serving the communities of Simon’s Town and Glencairn, but of interest to the Far South Peninsula through the range of issues addresed.  Complied by Lesley Shackleton

AGM and Focus on False Bay

Those who missed Gregg Oelofse’s talk on False Bay and developments in coastal management at the STCA AGM missed a really interesting presentation. Whilst we do not have notes on that, we do have copies of the Chairman’s Annual report and other portfolio reports compiled into a small booklet which also contains useful contact numbers. If you would like a copy of the 2012 STCA Report booklet, please pick one up either from the STADCO Parking Office on Jubilee Square, or from the Bromley’s at The Manse, Glen Road. 

Join the STCA

At the recent AGM, our Ward Councillor, Simon Liell-Cock, showed us his daily email inbox to illustrate the key point of his presentation. He gets hundreds of emails a day, and, with no assistant, and with the Councillor’s job being a ‘part-time’ one, he explained that there is no way he can adequately deal with all the issues that are raised with him.  He urged all residents to join their civic association.  Many of the issues sent to him can be addressed by the relevant civic association. So please, encourage your friends and neighbours to join the STCA. It only costs R80 per household. Strong Civics are there to help residents, and ensure that the City ‘works for you’.


This will take place on Sunday, 25 March. The main topic of discussion will be around whether fishing in the Glencairn Wetland should be allowed.  There will also be updates on the various research projects, including those on the Clawless Otter, the Glencairn Leopard Toad breeding site, the behaviour of cats in the wetland, and the ringing of birds and their identification.  All are welcome. There is no membership fee to join GEESE, all that is required is a passion for the Wetland

Dunes at Glencairn

Local residents and City environment officials have been very concerned by the way that Metrorail have been piling sand from the railway line onto the dunes. The City had an agreement with the railways as to how this should be done so as to protect and build up the dunes. However, sand has been removed from the railway area and dumped indiscriminately, damaging existing dune vegetation. The City environment officials are now trying to sort out the mess.  The railway line in this area remains very vulnerable to storms and rising sea level.

Kommetjie Road Traffic Plan

This is now available at the Sub-council office for inspection weekdays from 8:30 – 15:00, until 30 March 2012. Open day Date: Wednesday, 14 March 2012 Venue: Sub-council Chambers, Central Circle, Fish Hoek Time: 17:00 – 19:00

Navy News

The Navy Festival will take place from 16th to 18 March. Events include the SA Navy Band Concert (used to be the Dry Dock Concert) now in the Cole Point area of the East Dockyard at 20h00 on 16 March; the Right of Entry Parade through Simon’s Town on 17 March at 09h00; the Night Gunnery Shoot from Lower North Gun Battery on 17 March at 20h00; and the Retreat Ceremony in the East Dockyard, Arena area at 17h20 on Sunday 18 March. This is another opportunity to tempt Navy visitors to stop off in Simon’s Town.  Also look out for the German Frigate which will be coming to Simon’s Town later this week, and staying for 3 weeks while working with the SA Navy on exercises.

Property and Development

As always this portfolio is a busy one. Currently there are three major developments proposed in our area in various stages of progression. The Dido Valley low cost housing project has been delayed by Province because of problems with the environmental report and issues related to the new legislation that has come in since the project was proposed.  Our Ward Councillor organised a site visit to the Marine Oil proposed development of some 750 dwelling units. He wanted the City’s Spatial Planning, Environment and Land Use Management (SPELUM) Committee to fully understand the issues intrinsic to this proposal before voting on it.  Hopefully he has convinced them of validity of the serious concerns that the STCA and other civic organisations have been raising.  A new proposal to develop portions of Rocklands Farm has also come before the STCA, raising a number of concerns. Looking at the overall picture in a worst case scenario, with the proposed 750 homes at the Marine Oil site, the 600 at Dido Valley and some 68 at Rocklands, we could be looking at Far South infrastructure having to service over 3000 additional people. Frightening in an area with limited road access, a shaky water supply and limited sewage treatment.

Events Volunteers

The Simon’s Town Business Association (SBA) is looking for EAGer volunteers: people to join their new Events Action Group (EAG) which assists with coordinating SBA’s contribution to events in Simon’s Town.  First up is Just Nuisance’s Birthday on 1 April – something that should appeal to eager dog-lovers. Claire Ryan always plans a birthday celebration, and this year we would like to work with her to develop this further.  People such as Louise Patterson, Mo Higgs, Colleen Liell-Cock, Alison James, Jean Brownie, Yvonne Mawhinney, Claire Ryan and others have, in the past, worked EAGerly around events. More key events for which we need to start planning are those that will make up the Simon’s Town Spring Festivities over Heritage Weekend in September. If you are keen to get involved with increasing the buzz in Town through Events, please contact Margaret Silk at Paddlers.

Valentine’s Day Poetry Competition

The winners of the generous prizes donated by Simon’s Town businesses were Richard Street, Lutcia Griessel, Boet and Anne Dommisse, Tricia Carr and Sherlock Koch. The prizes included a meal at Pescados, accommodation at Grosvenor House, a meal at Neptunes, bottles of champagne and a trip around the Bay on a yacht.  Thanks to all who organised this – hopefully this will become an annual Valentine’s Day event.  To read the winning poems go to:

Residents Contributing

Our community and Town are made what they are through the often quiet contributions of residents. Many people spend long hours working for the community, others contribute financially to make things better. Among the latter are the residents in Simon’s Town’s Lanes who have generously been contributing towards the security in the Lanes behind St Georges Street and to ensuring that the Lanes are kept neat and tidy.  Thanks to people who care.

Original Simon’s Town Artwork

New paintings of Simon’s Town in highly realistic oil on canvas by local artist Peter Meikle, are on show for sale at the Dixon-Reid Fine Art gallery in Simon’s Town, and the Chameleon Gallery in Kalk Bay. Commission enquiries are welcome, contact Peter Meikle on  072 372 9215,

Museum Talk

David Biggs will talk on “Cape Town to Holland on a Scooter” at the Simon’s Town Museum, 17h30 for 18h00, on 28 March 2012. R20 per person includes a glass of wine or fruit juice. Queries to Yvonne at 021 786 4404 or Audrey at 021 786 1805.

 Security contacts

Simon’s Town SAPS 24 hrs phone number is 021 786 8646 or 786 8647. Always alert SAPS of any suspicious behaviour and (attempted) break-ins. They can only act on the right information.
The Community Police Forum (CPF) Public meeting is held once every two months. The next one will be at the end of April, possibly the 23rd April and will be held at the Simon’s Town Library Hall. All are encouraged to attend.  

Scenic South Website

The Scenic South Web page had an excellent summary of the public meeting held at The Range on Baboons. We encourage people to read it as it contains interesting information around future management options for our baboons. .

The Special Rating Area Concept

Please contact Lesley Shackleton if you wish to have a copy of the information sheet on Frequently Asked Questions around a Special Rating Area that was handed out at the AGM. Feedback will be welcome.

Activities in Table Mountain National Park

There will be a meeting at the King of Kings Church on Wednesday March 14 at 7pm to discuss the issue of dog walking in the Table Mountain National Park – which includes mountains and beaches – and a way forward.  In the 1990s, when SANParks was developing its policy with the City and interested parties, there was an understanding that if you used the pay gates to enter into the park, you would get the necessary permits for your various activities – dog walking, off-road bicycle riding and the like. Entering park land on the mountain or from the coast was not covered in detail and it was assumed that free access, when not through a pay gate, would remain. In 2011 SANParks started putting up signage in places like Kommetjie and Scarborough indicating that anyone walking a dog in SANParks managed land was obliged to have the appropriate, purchased permit even if there was no entrance via a pay gate. The permit would not be for a specific dog but for the individual walking it.

For further information phone Patrick on 021 701 1397 (o/h) or 084 966 1249; or Michelle 084 459 0079.

Reporting issues to the City

Issues needing the City’s attention can be reported directly to the Sub-council Manager, either by email to, fax 021- 782 1185, or by dropping off a note at the Sub-council offices at Fish Hoek. Please keep Desiree Mentor informed of progress / or lack of progress so that she can follow-up if necessary.  Each report should contain the Date (of submitting the request); the Category (Roads, Waste Management, Parks, Water supply, Graffiti, etc); a Detailed description of the problem (this must include the exact location – eg not just a street name, but opposite which house number, or which end of a beach), and provide the name and contact details of the person submitting the request.

City Services Emergency numbers:

  • Simon’s Town Police:  021 786-8646 or 8647
  • Fish Hoek Emergency Control Centre:  021 782 0333, 782-0444
  • Metro Police (Law Enforcement): 021 784 2033
  • Fire and Emergency: 107 from Telkom phones, 112 from cell phones
  • Roads, potholes and stormwater: 0860 103 054 (24 Hours)
  • Water/Sewage Emergencies:   0860 103 054 (24 hours)
  • To report people tossing burning cigarette butts into vegetation: 021 424 7715
  • Cable theft, toll free 24/7 hotline: 0800 222 771.
  • To report people feeding baboons: 021 957-5937or 959-5900
  • Baboon emergencies: 071 588-6540 (all hours).
  • Metrorail complaints: 0800 65 64 63
  • Navy Ops room (for all issues concerning the Navy) 021 787 3818 (all hours).

Queries and complaints can also be logged at the City’s Call Centre: Tel: 0860103089 or

SMS 31363 (no more than 160 characters) or email:



STCA membership fees (R80 per annum per household) became due on 1 January 2012.  Please pay membership fees (cash) at the STADCO parking office on Jubilee Square during office hours, or by internet banking. (We are trying to avoid use of cheques if at all possible – the bank is now charging exorbitantly for cheques.)

 For internet banking :  BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS:

          Bank: Standard Bank,                                                  Branch: Fish Hoek

Branch code: 036009                                                    Account number: 073815209

Account name: Simons Town Civic Association          (Market link savings account)

Please say “Subs, your name, tel. number” as the sender.  Please also notify the STCA that you have paid.

New members must give the STCA contact details so as to be put onto the Newsletter mailing list.

Please encourage neighbours and friends to join the STCA

P. O. Box 47

Simon’s Town


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