News just heard is that there was a shark attack at Clovelly Corner on Fish Hoek beach this morning, Wed 28 Sept.  The victim, a 42 year old male, is in a critical condition, having lost his right leg and part of his left leg in the attack.

According to Mike Schilperoort of Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Club, the attack happened at about 12.20. The water is very clear and has been warm. Great White sharks have been active close to shore in Fish Hoek Bay since Saturday, and three sharks have been sighted in Fish Hoek Bay in the hour since the attack. The shark attack occurred in shallow water.

Mike says that all systems were in place – the emergency services and a helicopter responded to the emergency calls immediately. However, the power outage that has affected most of the City of Cape Town this morning resulted in the shark siren not funtioning.

Clovelly Corner does have a shark flag system, but we have not been able to confirm that Shark Spotters are on duty at Clovelly at this time of the year.  The sharkflag at Fish Hoek Beach where Shark Spotters are on duty all year round is not visible from Clovelly Beach.

Fish Hoek beach has been closed until further notice.


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