Hello All!
This is a new site being put together for the beautiful part of Cape Town in which we all live and do business.
Such a nice name . . . and nice for foreign visitors to remember.
Imagine the dialogue:
Potential New Visitor: "So where did you stay when you visited Cape Town?" 
New Cape Town Convert: "Oh, in the most beautiful area. (In Kommetjie, Simons Town, Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, Noordhoek etc)"
Potential New Visitor: "Whereabouts in Cape Town is this, in the Winelands?"
New Cape Town Convent,: "Oh no, in the The Scenic South of course".
"The Deep South" conjures up images of the Klu Klux KLan  . . .  
"The Valley" sounds to me like a horror movie on location in a swamp. The movie Deliverance springs to mind?!"
"The Far South", although marginally better makes a joke of all of us who live here? Think the Far SIDE.
The Scenic South sounds right! What are your thoughts? 
Support if you can or want to?