NHU Africa (Natural History Unit Africa), who commission, co-produce and distribute wildlife and natural history documentaries to international and local broadcasters, have produced a new documentary entitled Saving Rhino Phila.  We are excited to let you know that NHU Africa is partnering with WESSA to help spread awareness and support our Rhino Initiative for protection of the rapidly declining rhino population.

The documentary will be aired this weekend on DSTV eNews channel 403 as follows:

Saturday 3 Dec @ 09h00;   Sunday 4 Dec @ 15h00;   Monday 5 Dec @ 15h00

Please send this e-mail on to others to increase viewer ratings this weekend, which will in turn encourage local broadcasters to show more wildlife and other local documentaries.

Non DSTV subscribers will also have an opportunity to see the documentary at a special screening at the Labia cinema in Cape Town on 8 December at 18h00.  Full details of this screening may be found in the attachment.  Please note that attendance is by RSVP only and on a first-come basis.   RSVP by Tuesday 6th December to joyce@nhuafrica.com

About Saving Rhino Phila:

A new breed of poachers has recently gone to war on South Africa’s rhino population and against all odds, one rhino has survived their bullets… her name is Phila.   Phila’s story lures audiences into a world of organized crime and millionaire poachers, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, helicopters and night vision goggles.   Her story is told through a host of offbeat characters that are drawn into Phila’s world.  The film is shot in hi-def with high speed cameras and authentic re-enactments. The film’s director, Richard Slater-Jones says of the film “With ‘Saving Rhino Phila’, we set out to make something quite different from the formulaic content audiences have come to expect on wildlife television channels these days – we wanted to reach the audience that doesn’t give a damn about rhino’s, or doesn’t really go out of their way to watch wildlife or conservation films. Ignoring the confines of genre, we created an immersive cinematic experience which will draw this broader audience into Phila’s story”.  Saving Rhino Phila takes audiences on a journey with surprising twists in a conflict that is not as simple as it first appears…