The Save Our Seas Shark Centre proudly presents the Marine Conservation Speaker Series. Save Our Seas shark centre Marine Conservation Speaker Series Poster
Various researchers and experts will be sharing their knowledge and passion for sharks and marine conservation by giving free talks to the public.  Education and awareness is key to making a difference, so come listen, learn and get involved!  

Kim von Brandis of the Shark Centre says “It’s crucial to keep the public informed of local research and its outcomes, to help them understand the threats to our marine environment and encourage public participation”.

The first of the Speaker Series will commence on 28 June and will run for 5 weeks with 10 speaker contributions.  The objective is to host this series bi-annually, to provide updates on current research projects and to introduce new speakers and topics, keeping the content fresh and relevant.

The following speakers and talks have been scheduled for the June/July series:

28 June

Meaghan McCord  –  Big shark, small shark, Bull Shark

Tamzyn Zweig  – Impacts and importance of Recreational Shark Fishery

5 July

Colin Attwood  –  Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in SA

Lauren de Vos-  First  underwater video survey of False Bay’s sharks and fishes

12 July 

Fiona Ayerst  – Challenges sharks face and how we can make a difference

Ryan Johnson  –  Can shark research save sharks?

19 July

HanliPrinsloo-  Fear risk and freedom: Freediving in the wild oceans

Sarah Titley-  Uniqueness and value of the Shark Spotters programme

26 July

Claire Janish  and Will Lawson – Biomimmicary: Learning from Nature  “Bios” means life, “Mimicry” means imitate

 Venue: Save Our Seas Shark Centre, 28 Main Rd, Kalk Bay

Time: 6:30-8:30pm   

Refreshments and snacks will be served.  Seats are limited so rsvp to book your space: