Dear Viv,

We would just like to thank you for the wonderful evening on Monday.

We did not quite know what to expect but knew it would be special once Carla started to talk. Her description of the amazing journey she and her mother have walked since her birth was humbling. We appreciated hearing about the amazing things that Operation Smile and its volunteers does for children who are born with cleft palates and hare lips. Braam Malherbe’s talk was uplifting and inspiring and we left the hall thrilled that we had just had such a wonderful, if vicarious, experience through his presentation of his two journeys, especially his journey along the Great Wall of China.

We were sad for you and all involved that there were not more people present, especially young people, who need to learn from, and be inspired by, leaders of Braam’s ilk and courageous young people like Carla.  We hope that next time you go to such trouble, there will be wider advertising in the community papers, as well as greater support from the people, and especially the schools, of Fish Hoek and surrounds. Opportunities to hear humble yet strong leaders like these are what young people need so that they are inspired to start and never stop dreaming of what it is possible for them to achieve for both themselves and the greater good.

Thank you for an inspiring evening we will long remember.

With warm wishes for all future endeavours in your beautiful and very scenic South,
Pierre and Denyse Béguin and Marianne Scholtz,