The old joke that we will be `mining’ our waste sites for recyclable plastics is fast turning into a reality.  The cost of the oil derived resins that plastic products are made of is increasing as are water and electricity costs. If this is contributing to the recycling of plastic becoming more competitive, why is plastic still our `National Flower’ and why are our beaches , wetlands and parks still inundated with plastic?

A key to the answer is the cost of collecting and of separating the different types of plastic that are dispersed throughout our homes, businesses and the environment. 

The Plastic Packaging industry has introduced a Plastic Codes system so that it is easier to identify and separate recyclable plastics.  Recyclers who separate Plactic into its different kinds based on the Plastic Number system stand to get a better price.  Most recyclers take Number 1 Plastic (popular as PET  bottles),  Number 2 Plastic (milk, juice & detergent bottles), Number 4 Plastic (plastic bags0 and Number 5 Plastic (marg, yoghurt, ice-cream tubs).  To make sure that you know what plastic packaging falls into which category for recycling,  have a look at the Codes for recyclable plastic here

There is not longer any reason to say: “ I don’t know what Plastics are Recyclable!!”   Be Cool for the Earth (and for your Kids) . Take a few minutes a day to recycle and to help save our water, reduce our carbon footprint and use resources efficiently.  For a list of local Recyclers of plastic, metal, oil, glass, e-waste etc click here.