Make your house safe from wind blown embers and sparks

In the case of a runaway wildfire, houses are not usually set on fire simply from the heat of the fire.

It is the wind blown embers and sparks gaining entry through open windows, air vents and small gaps between roof sheeting and walls or through openings in  the eaves ceiling board that are the main danger to your home.  It is always a good idea to put fine mesh over any vents and seal off all  gaps under the eaves. Remember the risk is just as great after the main fire has passed, as sparks and embers are still thrown around by the wind from secondary fires or smoldering brush.

If you ever have to evacuate in the face of a fire – make sure all windows and doors are closed, but do not lock gates and doors as firemen may need to gain entry. Closing internal doors and windows before you leave can slow the spread of a fire, should it get into your house

Visit the Cape of Fire (COF) website for more useful advice about making your home safe. There is also a section for assessing your personal fire risk.


Steve (Glencairn Fire Committee.)