Simon’s Town has begun to charge for parking at Jubilee Square — R5.50 per hour, no less The money will NOT disappear into City of Cape Town general revenue, but will stay in Simon’s Town for town improvements..

Is it possible that Simon’s Town has pointed a way for Fish Hoek? Could a relevant town improvement organisation in Fish Hoek reclaim some part of the Beach entry money, to be used for local (especially beach) improvements?

What’s different about Jubilee Square? Is it, or is it not, City of Cape Town property?

Protect our youngsters from the harshness of life

I was appalled by photographs in the newspapers showing young lifesavers walking through the shallow water at Fish Hoek beach looking for the remains of the shark attack victim. Surely this should have been a job for the police and not for youngsters possibly already traumatised by the attack itself?