s bend snake Nov 12 2009 gFinding a live snake in the toilet wastewater pipe during recent bathroom renovations puts just-in-time-technology into a whole new light.  How did it get there, what was it doing there, or as my son put it “ Wow!! How much `effluent’ has that snake had to put up with in its life.  All unanswered questions!!  Needless to say I am grateful that the 1m mole snake was found during the reconstruction and not during the operational phase.  And I like to think that it had a happy outcome too. The plumbers from Patrick Conderan did a great job, gently persuading it to leave its s-bend and relocate to a thicket in my garden.  I hope that it stays, and attends to the overpopulation of moles in the veggie patch, far more rewarding than a dodgy downpipe!!