A lawyer, a murderer and a policeman –

caught in a tangled web of love, loss, terror and intrigue.

Copy of Pinpoint-SheilaMaryTaylor-smallWhen lawyer Julia Grant interviews Sam Smith, charged with a vicious murder, the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. She feels a strange connection to him, as if she has met him before, as if he holds the key to something she has forgotten among the unbearable childhood memories her amnesia has blotted out.

He feels a connection too. “Julia, you are the only one who can help me,” he pleads.

Is it the same connection? Does he know something she cannot recall?

When despite Julia’s best efforts the verdict is guilty, Smith turns on her in the courtroom and threatens that one day he will wreak his revenge on her.

But why? What has she ever done to him?

And who is he?

And then, on his way to prison, he escapes . . .

Now the usually clear-thinking, sharp-witted Julia is catapulted into a minefield of memories, loses her way and starts taking terrible risks as she struggles to make the right decisions

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Pinpoint is Sheila’s first crime thriller.

During her research Sheila was smuggled into an interview room at Strangeways Prison in Manchester to witness a consultation with a murderer. She roamed the seedy streets of Manchester’s notorious downtown Moss Side district, masquerading as a social worker. She ventured into derelict buildings, walked along the tow-paths of deserted canals, wandered over the moors, took a ride in an ambulance and attended a course in self-protection given by a Black-belt karate expert. She even broke her leg, but not in the same way as her danger-defying main character Julia did.

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