Peña Flamenca – a flamenco get-together with dancers, musicians and singers


The intimacy of the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg is the perfect space for La Rosa’s new pure Flamenco production entitled ‘Peña Flamenca’ featuring two new choreographies and a rotating cast of soloists giving audiences a fresh take on the structure and spirit of each performance each night!


peña flamenca is a regular social get-together of a group of flamenco locals within a community where each participant has the opportunity to practice their art in a relaxed, informal, spontaneous context, without the pressure that often goes with large-scale theatre pieces. Membership of a peñas in Spain is often limited to flamencos and aficionados (people with and interest in and knowledge of flamenco) – it is a sought-after experience for travellers looking for an authentic flamenco experience – usually only granted by a personal invitation by a member.


The order of peña performances is not planned, although a rough outline of the evening may be given to the guitarist in attendance. For this season, the order has been planned, but the soloists in each piece may vary from one night to another, giving audiences and dancers alike a fresh take on the structure and spirit of each performance each night.


The purpose of creating this production is for the company soloists to hone and diversify their skills. Highlights of this season include two new pieces– the opening piece and a Fandangos de Huelva – the choreography of these pieces and of solos in the Bulería finale has been facilitated by artistic director Carolyn Holden, calling on the dancers to create short solos for themselves within each piece. There is enormous space for creativity and growth for the dancers, who, whilst improvising and choreographing, will be responsible for their own connections with the singer and musicians.


This production has been made possible with the support of the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund. La Rosa is also supported by National Arts Council, the Nussbaum Foundation, Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports, the City of Cape Town, Debbie Goodman Foundation (Jack Hammer), Lorenzo and Stella Chiappini Charitable Trust, Business and Arts South Africa and The Foschini Group.


La Rosa Dance Company is South Africa’s premier professional Spanish performance company, teaching and training Spanish dance at Community, school and recreational levels. La Rosa is also integrally involved in establishing a fusion dance form that integrates South African dance with that of the traditional and contemporary dance disciplines. The Company continues to build and grow its success in empowering skilled dancers and teachers in the performance and teaching of Spanish dance and theatre. In 1997 La Rosa established its Education and Skills Development Programmes, focusing on making flamenco accessible to the youth, developing the artistic and technical skills of potential professionals and growing audiences across the broader socio-economic spectrum. Flamenco was recently acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Intangible Heritage and La Rosa’s work in South Africa over the past two decades has contributed to making this rich art form a staple of the South African cultural landscape.


Peña Flamenca opens on Thursday 23 August and runs Wednesdays to Saturdays at the Masque Theatre from 23 August – 1 September. 8pm on week nights, Saturday matinees at 2:30pm and evening performances at 6pm. Special performance on Sunday 26 August at 3pm. Tickets cost R65 evening performances and R55 for matinees – discounts on offer to members of the Masque Theatre Club. Booking is through the Masque Theatre – call 021 788 69 99 during work hours (10am – 4pm Monday – Friday) or email