Liz WebbOn Wednesday 9th December Liz Webb from Simon’s Town completed the Robben Island to Three Anchor Bay 10km swim in a new woman’s record time of 2 hours, 41 minutes and 48 seconds. The old record was set in 1971 and then equalled in 1989. Liz broke it by 3 minutes.

She decided to swim on the spur of the moment having heard that the conditions were so perfect – few currents, very flat and a temperature of 18 degrees which is very rare in Table Bay. The crew on the accompanying boat were Tony Sellmeyer from the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association, her husband Mark and the boatman Arend Grondman and his friend Tommy. En route they encountered a whale, seals and dolphins as well as having to dodge the odd container ship.

Apart from a jellyfish sting the first ¾ of the swim were easy but towards the end Liz suffered from cramp in both legs and struggled with tired arms. The aches and pains soon disappeared when she realised she had set a new record. She said afterwards that it was great having her husband Mark on board her boat because she knew he would keep a good eye out for the sharks – “I don’t think he’s ready to get rid of me yet”.

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