The PROTEAS have notched up their first two wins of the World Cup! Here is a way for businesses to celebrate Cricket Fridays and make a meaningful difference to children at the same time! PLANET OCTAVIA is a small, independent publisher owned by two educators. They produce a series of children’s books about the countries that participate in international sports events such as soccer/cricket/rugby world cups and the Olympics in 2012. Well-researched, imaginatively crafted and brightly illustrated, the stories centre around Octavia the travel-wise, sport-loving Ostrich and two ‘exploratious’ friends who visit all participating countries and learn much along the way (target group: primary school boys and girls).

In time for the cricket world cup, the WATERFRONT ROTARY CLUB has endorsed the latest book Octavia goes ‘out’ ‘in’ Asia.  During the tournament, companies that are celebrating Cricket Fridays are invited to sponsor one box of 100 books for R4500. They can elect to have the books delivered to their own premises for distribution or they can donate the books to the WATERFRONT ROTARY CLUB who will distribute them to children via their literacy projects. Individuals can get involved by buying an ebook and for each ebook sold, PLANET OCTAVIA will donate a printed book to the WATERFRONT ROTARY CLUB for distribution (details and easy instructions to download an ebook available on the website

More details and a sponsorship pledge form can be obtained from Sarah Riordan at or phone 082 686 3831.