Artists Nic Bladen and Jane Eppel live and work in Clovelly at The Homestead, a 250-year old national monument on Montrose Avenue which was once the original farmhouse of the Valley.  Both Nic and Jane draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the South Peninsula, especially the fynbos of the Kalk Bay mountains.

Nic’s work as a jeweller and sculptor entails casting actual plant-matter in precious metals.    As bespoke jewellery or as freestanding sculptures, Nic’s exquisite botanical work is widely acclaimed both in South Africa and Europe.

Typically, Nic collects flowers, leaves, berries and seedpods from friend’s gardens and the environment around him.  These he immortalises in silver or bronze using the lost wax method.  Nic trained as a dental technician where he learnt the art of casting and claims to have no training as a jeweller.  His passion for perfection and for discovering new ways of working with metal has produced a rare and exquisite form of sculpture and jewellery.  You simply have to see it to appreciate its delicacy and authenticity.   For more information go to





Jane Eppel is a painter and printmaker who’s finely detailed, realistic work also celebrates beauty and depth in unexpected places.  Her quiet, contemplative paintings and etchings have been exhibited widely in South Africa and the UK.   Since April 2010 Jane has been exploring the medium of copperplate etching.  She works series by series, and these are multi-themed: from whimsy to botany to breeds of dogs.  Jane’s new etchings will be included on many group shows in the upcoming months (details to follow on her website