Shortly after our lady Mayor, Ms Patricia de Lille ceremoniously unveiled the new name of Eastern Boulevard to honour past President Nelson Mandela, I stumbled across a name change to one of the roads down here in the Deep South.

Driving at snail’s pace along the upheavaled Main Road through St James a few days ago, I noticed that QuarterDECK Road had been changed to QuarterDICK road!  Considering the sensitivity surrounding the general topic of name changes to roads and knowing the pride with which the people of the Deep South guard their history and unique lifestyle, this change took me quite by surprise. Despite my avid following of our local newspapers and civic affairs, I have not seen any official notice effecting this particular name change, or am I wrong?


So how did this change sneak in? Despite the derogatory remarks often made about us citizens of the Deep South by other Capetonians, I liked to believe that the name “Quarterdeck Road”  had more to do with a naval term than a possible reflection on the mental capacity of those who lived in that road. Is the change from QuarterDECK to QuarterDICK indicative of official Council thinking now that we have a feisty, widely respected woman as Mayor? Am I, as a typical SA male, just being paranoiac or will we soon be seeing other similar changes such as “CastleMAN Road “to “CastleWOMAN Road” overnight?


Upon further reflection, it occurred to me that this particular name change could possibly have been made on request of the ladies that live in that area of St.James/Kalk Bay, formally known as “Quarterdeck Road”.  Perhaps they got together over tea and bridge and decided to petition our new lady Mayor to change the name of their road to “QuarterDICK Road” to more correctly reflect their own impressions of the physical assets of the males in the area! Surely such subtle change could only be the work of female wiles and rampant womanpower? We could very well soon see the very name “St James” change to “St.Joan’s”!


Is it time for the men of the Deep South and of St James/Kalk Bay in particular, to stand up and be counted? I ask this simple question with my tongue firmly in my bearded cheek!

Gary S Black

Sorry, Gary… the title I have given your article just popped to mind. Couldn’t resist!