Mole snake being rescued by Sean Boddington from the Noordhoek sports fieldsSnake 3Jan Meyer, a local dog trainer and resident of the Scenic South, saw a large snake on the Noordhoek sportsfields while walking his dogs. Concerned that the snake might be killed by labourers in the area, he called us for the contact details of a local “snake man”. We put him in contact with Sean Boddinton of the Reptile Park in Kommetjie, who kindly came to remove the large Mole Snake from the rubble heap where it was hiding. Jan sent on these photos showing Sean in the process of removing the snake from the rubble.

Sean Boddinton of the Reptile Park in Kommetjie holds up the large mole snake found at the Noordhoek sports fieldsMole Snakes are non-venomous constrictors – although when threatened they can inflict a painful bite – and are found in a variety of habitats throughout Southern Africa. Adult Mole Snakes are often confused with the Cape Cobra and the Black Mamba, their colours varying from almost black to light brown, while their young may resemble the Dwarf Beaked Snake and the Spotted Skaapsteeker. The Mole Snake has a small head with a pointed snout. Much of its time is spent burrowing underground for food. Their diet includes rodents and other small mammals – as well as birds and eggs. Fights between male Mole Snakes in the breeding season can be quite spectacular. Adult Mole Snakes in the Cape can reach lengths greater than 2 m.

(Source: A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa by Johan Marais)

For Sean’s contact details and other contact numbers of people involved in the rescue and conservation of wild animals in our urban environment see

If you see a snake in your garden, please rather call Sean than kill it!