Why does the City of Cape Town not recognise the unique environmental, educational, recreational and tourist potential of Miller’s Point?”   This was the question raised at a public meeting in Simon’s Town on Wednesday evening.   The Civic Associations of the Far South Peninsula became aware that the Sport and Recreation Department in the City had been working on an upgrade of Miller’s Point and were disturbed that the public had not been consulted.  Hence this meeting organised by the Far South Peninsula Community Forum.

Several background presentations highlighted the historic and environmental heritage of Miller’s Point, which as Sandy Barnes, one of the presenters pointed out, is in the declared Buffer Zone of the Table Mountain World Heritage Site.  As such it is subject to both international and South African National legislation aimed at its protection and sustainable access for all.

Concern was expressed that the City has been treating Miller’s Point as “just another amenity”, “just another camp site” that they must “tidy up”.   They have not consulted the public or applied their minds to the true value of the site, how to preserve it, and how to enhance its enormous potential for all the citizens of Cape Town and our millions of visitors.  “

We would like Miller’s Point to become a declared Nature Park or Conservation Area, accessible to all for recreational and educational purposes.  The City must see the site’s unique potential.  We could have an Environmental Education Centre there highlighting the magnificent coastal and mountain flora and fauna;  it is a wonderful site for scuba diving, kayaking, snorkling, recreational fishing, bird and whale watching and learning about baboons and other fynbos and marine wildlife” said Dr Lesley Shackleton of the Simon’s Town Civic Association.

The public want the City to take Miller’s Point seriously as a significant asset. The City must consult widely and invest sufficient funds, time and expertise to ensure its preservation and enhance it as an integral part of our World Heritage Site. This was the key message from the public meeting.

Media Release:  Far South Peninsula Community Forum

1 June 2012

Contact: Lesley Shackleton, 021 786 2308