Wolf Lange of the South Peninsula Astronomy Club has given us early notice of a full lunar eclipse visible in Southern Africa on 15 June .  Although full lunar eclipses are not rare they are always a special astronomical event.  The moon will rise on the 15 June at 17h28 and the sun will set at 17h43.

The eclipse will be visible at night looking eastward and the first noticeable change in the brightness of the moon will happen from 19H26 onwards. It will happen only gradually but from 20h25 it will start getting interesting as the moon enters the dark shadow (umbra) of the earth. Then we can expect colour changing from a whitish grey to a dark grey and even a reddish tinge depending entirely on the amount of atmospheric pollution. This phase will last for the next two hours when the moon will slowly start to become more luminous again.  We hope the weather plays along and stays relatively clear that evening. Contact Wolf Lange for more details on 021 785-3713.

The lunar eclipse will be the focus of discussion at the next South Peninsula Astronomy Club meeting on 31 May at 19:30 in the Minor Hall Fish Hoek. Visitors Welcome.