On a daily basis we are made aware of the dire state of public education in South Africa via the media. Balancing the negativity around this issue is news of ordinary but dynamic people who step into the breach left by inefficient bureaucrats. Louise van Rhyn of Symphonia for South Africa and the School @ the Centre of Community / Partners for Possibility leadership development process is one such person. She has once again been given global recognition for her efforts in this respect.

Below is an extract of a letter I have received from her. Please put your hands in your pockets to help her raise R100 000 to brighten the future of prospects of South Africa’s children and thereby the future of our beloved country.


First the news: Yesterday evening our School @ the Centre of Community / Partners for Possibility leadership development process received another global recognition. I received the Ogunte Womens Social Leadership Award for Campaign Leader (see below for more information about this award).

It was an amazing experience to be in London to receive the award and I want to specifically acknowledge Worldsview Academy for their sponsorship that enabled me to travel to London. I also want to use this opportunity to acknowledge Emthunzini BBBEE Trust for their seed funding that has made it possible for us to reach 56 schools and +/- 40,000 learners in the first year of operation.

We are thrilled with the impact of the process so far and we have to acknowledge our 56 Principals and Partners for Possibility who have been working tirelessly to effect change in schools around the country as well as the Symphonia project team who have been supporting their efforts. This award would not have happened without your commitment and hard work.

I am also writing with a request for your support: We have deliberately created a funding model that will eventually enable us to do this critical work in schools without being donor dependent. However, we are not there yet. This is why I have personally committed to raise R100,000 for our work in Education & citizen mobilisation.

We feel that we are on the cusp of making a breakthrough with regard to funding but we are not there yet and we need your support! Please make a contribution on http://www.givengain.com/activist/75381/? If every person receiving this message contribute just R50-R100, we will easily reach our target of R100,000. Imagine what will happen if some people are able to contribute more?

We are registered as a Section 18A NPO/BPO and able to issue tax receipts for all contributions so please let me know if you would rather do an EFT straight into our bank account in return for a tax receipt.

Thank you for your unwavering support on this journey. My decision to commit the next decade of my life to education reform in South Africa has not been without sacrifice. Your support has made it possible to keep going despite the difficulties.

With much appreciation


Ps. I am sure you would enjoy reading the article about the Partner for Possibility process in the June edition of Fair Lady magazine (should still be available in stores in South Africa this week).

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