laughing doveI was enchanted by the actions of a little laughing dove this afternoon. While I was talking on the portable phone on the balcony outside, the little dove perched on the railing and then hopped down between my feet, cooing all the time. One of our dogs frightened him back onto the railing where he walked over and climbed onto my outstretched hand. I was mesmerized by this little fellow puffing out chest as he softly cooed and once he hopped back onto the railing I fetched the camera. I wondered what he was telling me and looked up the dove in my bird card book. The dove “signifies peace and hope for the future” and “dove energy harmonises and aligns the energy in its environment.” Good – just what I needed!

UntitledMy mom passed away 6 months ago today and this little encounter reminded me of another very special experience that we had with a bird. Almost 8 years ago, my mom and I bumped into a friend at the Valyland Centre late one afternoon about a week after my dad had died. Our friend too was in a traumatised state, her elder son who was a very good sportsman having had an op to remove a malignant tumour from his heel. While we were commiserating with one another, a little white eye fluttered down from the tree beside us and sat in turn on each of our heads! It felt like a benediction. We laughed with joy – it is not every day that one stands in the entrance of a shopping centre with a wild bird on the head!

Like DH Lawrence with his snake at the waterhole, I have felt truly blessed. Is it a coincidence that angels have wings?