Clifton Parade residents with their Valentine's parcels from Kirstenhof Primary pupilsChildren at Kirstenhof Primary School interpreted Valentine’s Day as a day to spread love and show appreciation of others. Happy recipients of the generosity of the Kirstenhof Primary pupils and their parents were elderly residents at Mez Wallach in Lakeside, Ons Huisie in Ocean View, Carlisle Lodge, Nerina Gardens and Clifton Parade in Fish Hoek.


The Rotary Club of Good Hope made up hampers from the variety of goodies donated by the pupils – biscuits, chocolates, sweets, tissues and soaps – and distributed them at the various homes.

Ons Huisie residents in Ocean View with their Valentine's parcels from Kirstenhof Primary pupils


Ed’s comment: The staff of  Kirstenhof Primary are to be congratulated for introducing a project of this nature for Valentine’s Day. 

How much more valuable as a learning/life experience in the personal growth of the youngsters was this valentine’s Day project as opposed to the public giving of flowers at school assemblies as happens at various other schools. My heart always goes out to the young girls, many with already fragile self-esteems, who do not Mez Wallach Ons Huisie residents with their Valentine's parcels from Kirstenhof Primary pupilsreceive a Valentine’s gift while their more popular or outgoing classmates bask in the limelight, many with more bunches of flowers than they would have vases for!

Kirstenhof Primary not only spread the love to the elderly in their communities, but also fostered a feel-good vibe amongst all its pupils.