Desert Varnish by Karen Cochlovius

‘‘Desert Varnish is a novel about a young African geologist who works from the depths of the earth as an underground geologist, to sun baked Namaqualand and the wide open spaces of Namibia, through grim mining towns and deserts of heart stopping beauty. In this tough men’s world Robyn encounters physical danger, prejudice and hostility; but the greatest threat lies in the slick double-talk of corporate mergers and board room deals. Desert Varnish is filled with humour and enduring love for the wild places of southern Africa. With an infectious passion Cochlovius introduces us to the earth’s hidden treasures to the wry, lonesome, generous off beat characters that populate the landscape.’’





Desert Varnish was the product of my writing after ten years working in a crazy, often lonely world of mineral exploration in Africa. As I started to write, memories and conversations came flooding back to me and I discovered a world where I could escape into and developed a passion for writing. Since writing Desert Varnish I have continued to write and am currently working on completing my second novel. My characters have remained those often shaped by their landscape and are most often people who can be loners and good observers of human nature. I continue to work as a geologist in Africa and am about to move up to Namibia for a couple of years with my husband Jon (also a geologist) and Tosca (my black spaniel) where I will continue my adventures as a writer and a geologist.