Proudly South African Kelp vuvuzelas in the making

Proudly South African Kelp vuvuzelas in the making

[Cape Town, January 2010] As the country gears up for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, eco conscious South Africans are welcoming the green solution to the vuvuzela – the KELP Vuvuzela. Founded in 2008, KELP (Kelp Environmental Learning Project) is making its mark as a sustainable initiative with a low carbon footprint that also provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their artistic talents.

Kelp is harvested from selected beaches in the Western Cape and taken to KELP Pleks where it is sorted and dried. KELP Pleks are centralized Kelpvuvu production workshops where dried kelp is painted and distributed. The KELP team franchises KELP Pleks to local communities, sets standards, and provides support and training on how to collect the kelp horns and how to discard the waste into the tidal zone. 

KELP spokesperson and creative head Adam Carnegie says the aim is to develop a leadership capacity for conservation and focus on the practical benefits of conservation.  “The outcome is a loud, beautifully crafted and proudly South African vuvuzela.

“Not only is this initiative environmentally friendly but it creates sustainable jobs and empowers communities with the opportunity to generate livelihoods and transfer skills through ongoing learnership and mentorship programs.” says Carnegie.

With their meticulously crafted horns, KELP continues to gain ground in South Africa as corporate customers seek innovative promotional ideas ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, whilst also attracting tourists and soccer fans with its rich and festive sounds.

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