GEESE is an energetic NGO is dedicated to raising awareness about and looking after the Glencairn Vlei and wetlands. The acronym stands for Glencairn Education & Environment Support Enthusiasts and they are  – very – as their 3 day World Wetlands celebrations can testify.  The celebrations were a well balanced mix of work, science and FUN.    Families from all over the Scenic South incl. Noordhoek, Lakeside, Kommetjie and Fish Hoek supported the Glencairn locals by joining in with the activities.   

In the photo to the left (from L to R) are William Crake, Luca Rotteglia and Lloyd Huntly.


The work included a litter clean-up which resulted in 45 refuse bags of litter being removed from the wetlands. 


The science focused around a SASSI analysis where adults and kids learnt how species of water insects and other fauna are indicators of the health of the wetland system.  Some creatures can only live in clean water while others are tolerant of varying degrees of pollution.  I believe that the collection of water creatures that were caught identified and released gave the thumbs up for water quality.  






The best was kept for last – a fun model boat building competition.  The specs were designed to challenge the best, and resulted in an impressive range of models and building materials.  Appropriately, a number of the boats were made of assemblages of plastic containers – thereby turning typical litter items on Glencairn Vlei into craft.  

                                         Jane McArthur with her colourful entry. 

The boats were not allowed to be larger that a 2ltr ice-cream container – one of the reasons being that each boat had to pass the floatability test when placed in an ice-cream container of water.  The other design specs included:  Ingenuity, design and aesthetics were each scored out of 10. The final and crucial spec was the water test on the Glencairn Vlei.

Judging from the different types of boats that competed in the open water test, it is fair to say that everyone was a winner, and the judges had a hard task choosing the winner.  But Luca Rotteglia’s craft was the very best and sailed well to prove it.

Luca Rotteglia with his winning craft.