Have you also received emails inviting you to take action against raising fuel prices by forcing a price war at the petrol pumps?   Apparently, “It is really simple to do!”   Just boycott  “the two biggest overseas oil companies SHELL and BP (which are now one),” for the rest of the year.  We are not being  asked to do anything inconvenient like driving  less. Instead we are to buy “Local is Lekka –  Sasol / Engen / Excel”!  If we don’t wimp out and millions of South Africans support the call to boycott the overseas companies, it is claimed that “they will be inclined to reduce their prices and other oil companies will have to follow suit. “

Voting with your wheels!  Its great and long overdue in South Africa.  I personally believe that the call to drive less and more efficiently (lift clubs, smaller cars etc) should have been added to the action.  Isn’t the bottom line the fact that demand for oil is exceeding supply – hence the price increases.  More and more people world wide are buying cars and plugging into more and more oil products (plastics, fertilizer etc) at the same time that the existing oil wells are unable to meet the demand, some are drying up and new oil `finds’ are financially and physically less productive.

But to get back to local is lekker and Sasol.  Someone help me here!!  RSA is not an oil producing land so our fuel from Sasol is derived from coal – a hugely polluting, costly process with a destructive Carbon footprint.   Can Sasol produce enough to meet our fuel addiction? Won’t we still have to buy from big overseas companies?  I for one am keen to boycott big bad polluters, but I believe that we need to get real and look at being less dependant on fossil fuel rather than simply switching brands.