Truth inc. & Greentruth present the film FUEL dubbed the unofficial sequel to the inconvenient truth.  It is being screened at cinemas in South Africa incl. Cape Town as of 24 August.   FUEL is a stirring, radical and multi-award winning energy documentary featuring energy experts and eco-celebrities such as: Sheryl Crow, Larry David, Richard Branson and Robert Kennedy, Jr.  In Cape town it will be screened at the Cinema Nouveau theatres at Claremont and at the V & A. 

“Change your FUEL, Change your world! Let’s show the world, a greener future is possible!”

FUEL is a comprehensive and entertaining look at energy: a history of where we have been, our present predicament and a solution to our dependence on foreign oil. Rousing and reactionary, FUEL is an amazing, in-depth, personal journey by eco-evangelist Josh Tickell, of oil use and abuse as it examines wide-ranging energy solutions other than oil, the faltering US auto and petroleum industries, and the latest stirrings toward alternative energy. The film includes interviews with a wide range of policy makers, educators and activists such as Woody Harrelson, Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Tickell knew he just couldn’t idly stand by any longer. He decided to make a film, focusing both on the knowledge and insight he discovered, but also giving hope that solutions are at reach. A ‘regular guy’ who felt he could make a difference, he spent 11 years making this movie, showing himself – and others– that an individual can indeed make a difference.  Stirring, radical and multi-award winning energy documentary! “FUEL features experts and eco-celebrities such as: Sheryl Crow, Larry David, Richard Branson and Robert Kennedy, Jr.” 



FUEL will be in selected cinemas nationwide from 24 August 2012, please visit the website for cinema listing. The film will also be available for corporate events and screenings later this year. For premiere cinema events and more information on FUEL as well as downloadable materials for MEDIA, visit and click on the button MEDIA.

All eco-friendly companies, organizations, media, corporates and small businesses are invited to partner with Green Truth with the release of FUEL in South Africa in helping our nation and it’s citizens realize we have a hopeful future, there are many innovative resources available and sustainable living is not only possible, it’s imperative. Green Truth invites you to join the movement!

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