Connecting communities is part of the Scenic South vision, but when Sam Opland from Boston emailed us to say that a friend in Israel had sent him a link to the website, I was really touched – a connection not just between individuals and communities, but between generations and histories across the world.  

Sam wrote: “ We had many relatives in Muizenberg, and can probably add their names, and a photo or two, to your list (at the `Revisiting Muizenberg’ Exhibition).  I have some short movies of Muizenberg dating from the early 1940’s, as well as an early color photo of the beach, taken in 1938. I could copy them all on to a DVD and send to you with pleasure.

If you have other “Old” exhibitions in mind, from the same source, I have movies of old Cape Town harbor, around the late 1940’s, that includes a brief shot of the original Queen Mary, anchored in the roadstead, because the Duncan Dock was not deep enough.  I was schooled in Port Elizabeth in the early 1950’s and have many photos of that era, including some of the 1952 tercentenary celebrations there.” 

His Contact details have been forwarded to the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society.