There is a move afoot to create a group of highly trained Volunteer fire-fighters that will be dedicated to protecting the Far South Peninsula from runaway wildfires. This much-needed initiative will be coupled with a move to strengthen community groups who wish to have some localized capability of defending their own homes against fire, by supplying basic training, technical advice and a liaison structure.

If you are resident in the South Peninsula and would like to think about enlisting in one of the programmes, please do not be shy, even if you are not young and fit – not everyone is needed on the fire line itself. A lot of backup people are also required for driving vehicles, communications, record keeping, equipment maintenance, catering, administration, fundraising and other support tasks.

This very worthwhile community effort really needs your support to help reduce the ever-present fire danger in the Far South.

For further information about contact- Steve Coe – 0833470453 and or Ken Findlay – 0825708212 and