I must compliment you both for not only a very well attended project, but an excellent awareness program. Well done!

It boggled my mind as to the achievements of Lewis Pugh, but also the climate change just how drastic this has all become.

Your environmental groups that attended the evening were also very well informed and their messages of awareness of what they are each doing  just made me realize  how we as humans have no regard for the world that we live in. Such a pity!

Working for TEARS shows me this on a daily basis with the inhumane treatment of animals. The same applies to our seas, wildlife, environment etc!

Like Lewis said if each person just cared enough, and did their bit, how much better the world would be.

Please convey my utmost respect and admiration for such a remarkable man, risking his life for Climate change awareness!

Well done, Lewis! And thank you ladies for caring!

Debbie Clark

Fundraiser for TEARS