When news broke of the fatal shark attack at Koel Baai (Koggelbaai) near Gordon’ s Bay just before lunchtime this afternoon, my heart lurched and I immediately phoned my sons studying in Stellenbosch to find out whether they were safe and sound, both being ardent surfers and Koel Baai being one of their surfing grounds.

My relief on hearing their voices was profound, and my heart goes out to the parents and family of the young victim who would have had the phone call that no parent ever wishes to answer. Special thoughts and prayers for his brother who was bodyboarding with him at the time.

According to Mike Schilperoodt of the new Balance Fish Hoek LifeSaving Club, False Bay beaches from Muizenberg to Fish Hoek are not closed as a result of the shark attack, but the shark spotters are on high alert, as they have been for the past few weeks. The many bait fish and shoals of sardines in False Bay have attracted large schools of dolphin and caused an increase in shark activity.

According to reports a white shark is still swimming in the vicinity of Koel Baai and people are advised to stay out of the water at beaches in the area.

Our condolences to the family and friends of the young victim.


Thursday 19 April 2012


The 20 year old victim is David Lilienfeld who has represented South Africa in bodyboarding competitions on several occasions.