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iKapa Honorary Rangers spearhead Endangered African Penguin Nest Boxes Project.          

(Extracts from Press releases by John Elford)

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 iKapa Honorary Rangers launched a campaign in 2008 to purchase specially designed penguin nest boxes for the Boulders Penguin Colony. This campaign was a response to the dramatic decline of the global endangered African Penguin population in recent years and the reduction of penguins at Boulders from 3700 birds in 2005 to 2600 birds in 2007.
The nest boxes are specially designed to protect eggs from predators and juveniles from heat exhaustion which is having an impact on the populations of these charismatic sea birds.
Not quite a year later, iKapa Honorary Rangers involved with the project were presented with the prestigious Kudu Award by SANParks (South African National Parks) Chairperson Dr David Mbandla for the African Penguin Project.  Working with the Dyer Island Trust, the US based Species Survival Plan and the Boulders Penguin Colony 200 nesting boxes were purchased by sponsors including the public and 30 schools in the Western Cape.
200 nest boxes have been placed at Boulders and at the beginning of the season, 37 were occupied, with a total of 32 chicks hatched, with more expected as some birds are still breading. Monique Ruthenburg Section Ranger for Boulders is confident that the nest boxes will continue to help increase the breeding rate at the colony, as the birds get used to the boxes.
Members of the public can sponsor a nesting box for a donation of R200 per box-the supplier is contributing the other R200 for a total cost of R400 per box. A map of the numbered nest boxes with sponsor’s names is on display at Boulders Penguin Colony.  Sponsors will also receive a pamphlet on the African Penguin and a letter of thanks from Table Mountain National Park with a map of the nest box placements.  

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Members of the public who would like to contribute to saving the African Penguin can contact: iKapa Honorary Rangers 
Johan Noeth     tel       083 299 8474
Herman Gibson tel      083 658 3001