Empowerment Initiative for Social Health© EISH Programme

Theme Practice Ubuntu in community and leadership for enhanced resilience and social health

Western Cape, are you ready to:

*    Participate in positively changing the degenerating state of social health in the
Western Cape?

*    Learn a powerful way to do this?
*    Practice Ubuntu, increasing collective care and consciousness  in your communities?
*    Learn to foster a more resilient mindset and model this as a leader in your communities?
*    Encourage and facilitate dialogue for sustainable change in your communities?
*    Share solutions, enroll others and take right action?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you will benefit by attending the EISH Programme.

The EISH Programme© offers the opportunity to support short, medium and long term developmental processes and harness the emerging outcomes by attending a series of unique and revitalizing community-building events:

*   Powerful dialogue around emerging / pertinent issues
*   Cross-pollinating  new ideas and actions
*   Harvesting solutions to common challenges
*   Igniting a sense of hope and possibility
*   Identifying options and next steps

Essential for:  all NGOs, CBOs, government departments and business


EISH Event Schedule         Attend all events for maximum benefit
Time and dates Dialogue Focus
10am – 4pm, Wed 13 June Part 1:  Capacity Development and Service Delivery
8.30am-1pm, Wed 18 July Part 2:  Resilience, Holistic Health and Wellbeing
8.30am-1pm, Wed 15 Aug Part 3:  Melding Diversity for Team Efficiency


Venue:           Community House, 41 Salt River Road, Salt River, Cape Town (Map attached)

Cost:             R450 per person, per event
R750 for two people from the same organisation, per event
R950 for three people from the same organisation, per event
Limited space – early payment secures your place
                        Sponsored places available with mutual reciprocal arrangement
                      Tea and coffee provided.


Booking:        Return attached booking form to Suzanne Leighton:  suzl@mweb.co.za 
or fax: 021 794 2601   (084 293 3214)


Facilitators:   Suzanne Leighton, Charles Obiorah, Wendy Ward and Hugh Joseph


Enquiries:      Wendy Ward:          webs@telkomsa.net    083 412 8070
or web page: www.c4dafrica.org/event/html       and profile page


Hosts:            The EISH Programme© in the Western Cape is hosted by Coaching for Development Africa / C4D-Africa in partnership with HealthWise, Metamorphic Coaching and Development and Quill Consulting

FEEDBACK from The Whole World Woman Association

Hi EISH team,

Thank you and all your team for coming to Salt River on the 13th of June 2012 to conduct the dialogues. It was so nice working with you guys. I learnt a lot, about Ubuntu, about capacity building and service delivery, found new friends, and a lot of ideas were shared which I enjoyed paying attention to. I discovered that almost all the organisations that attended the dialogues were new to me, honestly speaking, I didn’t know they existed before. They provide good services to the public, but not so well known. I must congratulate you all for coming up with that idea, NGOs need not work in isolation. We need to join our hands and work together and we will succeed.

The Whole World Woman Association met with new organizations like Beautiful Gate, Africa Tikkun, Cancer association, just to name a few. We learnt a lot from you and other organizations that were represented in the workshop. From the workshop, we realized that working in collaboration with other organizations, we will be able with the available resources deliver our services effectively in our communities. We need to put our strengths together in order to meet our goals.

I enjoyed listening to people and listening to myself speaking during the dialogues. I heard from different people and everyone had different views about a particular subject, it was an amazing workshop. You allowed everyone to express their views and we were free to talk in the dialogue. We also made commitments that we will need to fulfill.

I liked the way you facilitated the dialogues, I want to be like you, next time please train us on your method of facilitation, The workshop was very exceptional.

I hope to see you again.