Title: Early release of prisoners – what now?
Location: Fish Hoek High School
Description: Some of you might know that a whole lot of prisoners across South Africa are being released early. What does this mean? Colonel Belinda Low-Shang of Pollsmoor will be coming to explain the implications. All welcome.
On 27th April 2012 President Jacob Zuma exercised his mandate to grant special remission of sentence to certain categories of offenders in the spirit of Freedom Day.

The programme to release certain prisoners will run over a 10 x week period commencing from 14th May 2012 and must be finalized on or before 6th July 2012.

Pretty frightening to all residents and the public at large whose homes and vehicles have been burgled and damaged in the process. Pretty demoralizing to all our crime fighters in our respective areas who are so dedicated and committed in the fight against crime and these offenders are released back into society!!

In the fight against crime, it is therefore my responsibility to disseminate this important information so that all forums and the community at large are aware of the situation and with the crisis of poverty, drug-related crimes and unemployment, there is a great need to be even more vigilant and to be even more determined to fight crime and to take back our areas which are overrun by constant burglaries, assault, rapes etc. Yours in the Service of the Nation

Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-05-29