We’ve found our new home, but need your help to turn it into a place of science exploration for all.  The new home of the MTN Sciencentre, soon to become the Cape Town Science Centre, will be in a stand-alone building close to the Groote Schuur hospital in Upper Main Road, Observatory.

The new location is central and close to public transport, and will therefore be very accessible.  The proximity of the site to the University of Cape Town, the medical school and Groote Schuur hospital, the astronomers at the Observatory as well as other like-minded institutions, all support the opportunity to build a hub of real science enthusiasts in Observatory.

The suitability of this building was established after an extensive search. However, the building is dilapidated, as it has been standing vacant for the past 8 years. The science centre needs to urgently raise funds to refurbish his building.

The refurbishment of the building will be completed in phases. The completion of Phase 1, a large open warehouse space, will ensure that the Sciencentre can open with the bulk of its most popular displays and begin accepting visitors as soon as possible. A major element of the refurbishment of Phase 1 will be the replacement of the Warehouse roof, which is currently made of asbestos. Phase 2 will largely consist of teaching laboratories, a teacher and careers resource centre, as well as other areas.

The time taken to complete each phase as well as the intention to offer a variety of new exhibits will be dependent on the success of the fund-raising campaign and then the speed at which the contractors are able to complete the refurbishment. It is hoped that the first phase will be completed by at least June next year.

The search and finalisation of the acquisition of this building as the home of the future Cape Town Science Centre has been a lengthy one, creating critical time pressures on the fund-raising efforts in order to secure the opening of the centre as early as possible in the new year. Cape Town is in real danger of losing its science centre if sufficient support is not found from the private and public sectors. The Sciencentre is making an urgent appeal to those who are able to assist, to ensure that this valuable resource is not lost to the communities of Cape Town, the Western Cape and South Africa.

Anyone who is able to help the Sciencentre in its quest to continue its work should contact the Sciencentre’s Director, Julie Cleverdon, on 083 276 9501 or 021 405 9435 or julie@mtnsciencentre.org.za.

Visit our website to download the Cape Town Science Centre Case for Support

Sciencentre needs your HELP

Tell all your friends, tell your children, your parents, your grandparents, teachers, colleagues, bosses, neighbours, tell EVERYONE that we need their help to build the Cape Town Science Centre.


SMS ‘SCIENCE’ to 38021
*SMS charged at R10, all proceeds will go to the Cape Town Science Centre refurbishment project.

Or Donate online
The Interactive Science Foundation is currently trading as the MTN Sciencentre, and will be trading as the Cape Town Science Centre in the near future.
The Interactive Science Foundation will issue a tax certificate for any donation over R100. You will then be able to claim a portion of this donation back with your South African tax return.
The Interactive Science Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (031-701-NPO) and registered as a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act of South Africa (PBO:  18/11/12/2663).

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