A number of regular swimmers at Fish Hoek have commented that the Trek Fishermen could be part of the solution to reducing the risk to swimmers at Fish Hoek of an encounter with a shark.   The Trek Fishermen have been`spotting’  fish for generations and have an indepth understanding of the sea and conditions conducive to spotting fish.

On Thursday morning after the tragic shark attack of 12 January, a group of swimmers paid the Trek Fishermen to row their sea bakkie to a position seaward of where they wished to swim and to keep a sharp lookout for sharks from that vantage.   “It was a special moment of overcoming fear of the ocean and being in a community with the fishermen guarding us, said Elke Geising ” in a report in the False Bay Echo, 21 Jan 2010. 

How many people remember a few years ago, when the Trek Fishermen rowed out to rescue a Durban long-distance swimmer training off Fish Hoek beach?  People from the shore had seen a shark approaching the swimmer and not being able to attract his attention had alerted the Trek Fishermen who rowed their boat out and hauled the surprised swimmer aboard. 

What do you feel about this initiative?  Comments on how the Trek Fishermen could be involved will be directed to the Shark Spotters and to Ms Geising and Ms Clemence who are interested in this initiative.