Kommetjie Rd Meeting 4 August 2011

About fifty people braved the cold and wet winter’s night on Thursday 4 August to attend the follow-up meeting with City officials with regard to speed control on Kommetjie Rd. The meeting was held at the Fish Hoek Civic Centre and was chaired by retired Councillor Nicki Holderness.

Sean Glass, City Engineer and Head of Transport Network Development, and Andre Nel, Deputy Chief for Traffic Operations and Enforcement, gave their reports on actions instigated since the first public meeting held on the 7 July and also answered further questions from the floor. A summary of the commitments made follows:

  1. Traffic signals at Riverside Rd.- there is a good chance there will be funding before the end of the year. In the meantime City engineers will proceed with planning and hopefully have lights up by end Feb 2012.
  2. Remarking of entire length of Kommetjie Rd – funds are available. Additional right turn lanes and medians will be introduced.
  3. Two locations for raised curbed medians have been identified: at the intersections at 13th and 16th Avenues. On the remaining medians substantial road studs will placed, all depending on the availability of funds.
  4. Part of remarking will also take in re-looking at the parking bays which when occupied restrict vision from access roads. Some bays will be removed.
  5. Overhead signals will be installed at the 17th Ave intersection within 2 months.
  6. Fixed speed cameras at 17th Ave and Quarry Rd intersections will hopefully be installed within the next 4 months. These will have the dual function of speed control and the monitoring of red light jumping eastwards and westwards along Kommetjie Rd.

Other proposals are being seriously considered but input from local residents is required. These include

  1. The feasibility of turning some of the avenues into one way streets. Residents present at the meeting were urged to survey their neighbours in the avenues as to which streets should be made one way and in which direction.
  2. Residents are called to identify where pedestrian crossings should be located on Kommetjie Rd. Since the public meeting a month ago, pedestrian behaviour on Kommetjie Rd had been monitored and it appears that crossings are made randomly. A comment from a resident present who was pleading for designated and controlled pedestrian crossings was that pedestrians cross randomly because there are no signalised crossings apart from the one at Quarry Rd.
  3. A comprehensive report with suggested solutions dealing with the section of Kommetjie Rd from the 4-way stop to Kommetjie will be given attention by City Engineers. Nicki Holderness who chaired the meeting challenged the community to get involved. With the Integrated Development Plan there is a public participation process and these meetings are usually poorly attended. She urged residents to play an active part at these and within their local residents’ associations as “if we don’t stand up and speak, things just won’t happen”. At the first meeting it was unanimously agreed that we need more and more visible law enforcement in the area. We need to keep up the pressure of more traffic officers in the area. Janet Holwill, Chairlady of the Fish Hoek Valley Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association reiterated the necessity for residents to belong to their local ratepayers associations and to voice their concerns at the quarterly meetings.

 There are four very substantial Land Use Applications being considered at the moment, all of which will use Kommetjie Rd as an access road and together will be increasing the population of the area by a third. Our major access roads, including Kommetjie Rd and Main Road cannot cope with any further development, and our water and sewage systems are already overburdened. If you do not want to see the scenic south peninsula’s natural environment and your way of life here seriously compromised stand up and speak up. Get involved.

The comprehensive minutes will be published on our website shortly.