Saturday 29 May, 2-5pm at Erin Hall, Rondebosch. Tea and registration 1.30pm

Increasingly there seems to be a desperate need for a safe environment to explore What does it mean to be bipolar?”

  • the experiences of mania and depression
  • the disabling effects of stigma
  • different viewpoints of cause and management
  • opportunities and possibilities to positively channel the energy, often perceived simply as an illness
  • is recovery possible?
  • looking beyond the medical paradigm
  • global shifts in the ways of thinking about mental illness

The conference

Expert input from a panel of speakers that can inform and initiate debate. This will be followed by facilitated discussion.

We are the experts of our own lives and so the expertise is actually in the audience. The style will be one of sharing and learning from each other, with an emphasis on self help and community building, as it is the community that holds and supports its members when they are unstable.

We will introduce the power of peer support groups as an effective and low cost tool for healing, including how to start one and sustain it as a path to recovery, dignity and wellness

Cost: Mindful of the diversity of the financial status of potential participants there is no charge. So as to be inclusive, all are invited but booking is essential.

In the spirit of collaborative generosity, we request you consider a reasonable donation.

Other organisations are charging about R200-300 for such a workshop. (Corporate: R600-R1000). If you are able, maybe you could even sponsor someone. Funds thus raised will support generating awareness in other communities.

Involvement: We are looking for speakers who would like to answer the question “Is recovery possible?”

Each speaker will be given four minutes to make a couple of important comments before we open the discussion to the floor. This could become an opportunity for the “experts”, who are involved, to learn as much as they teach.

We also welcome involvement from people who can assist with the running of the conference and keeping our costs low and quality high. e.g. printing flyers and delegate notes, advertising, banners, sound, media coverage, catering, filming, delegate gifts and any other inspirational ideas.

 Facilitated by Suzanne Leighton BSc (UCT); MSc (WITS); PMP (USA) Practice number: 106 000 0216224 Complementary Medical Practitioner, workshop administrator and co-facilitator

RSVP: For more information or registration form email:

Phone Suzanne: +27 (0) 21 794 2738 Mobile: +27 (0) 84 293 3214.

Or Nina Mensing: author of “A Manic Marriage” and founder of a family support group. SMS Nina at 082 458 8044

‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you need to keep moving.’ Albert Einstein