Love them or hate them, this beautifully illustrated book by Jenni Trethowan is guaranteed to get you thinking about baboons in a new light.  Beast or Blessing is the baboon’s story told with photo images that draw you into their world.  A large part of the book comprises the anecdotal accounts of people working with and living in proximity with baboons and the trials and tribulations of  managing the baboon and human interface in Southern Africa.

” The intensely emotional relationship between Jenni and `her’ baboons is as powerful as a human love affair .  Sometimes frustrating and sometimes deeply painful, it has an integrity that even her strongest critics acknowledge and admire. ”  John Yeld, Cape Argus.

All proceeds of the sale of the book go to the Baboon Matter’s Trust. 

Beast or Blessing can be purchased at  Baboon Matters, Sun Valley 021 7857493          Espresso.kom Village Place, Kommetjie 021 7830944                                                        Red Rock Tribal, Scarborough  021 7809127