Africa is experiencing a ferocious resurgence in rhino poaching, caused by illegal demand for rhino horn from Asia.

South Africa, the stronghold of Africa’s rhino population with more than 80% of the 24 000 rhinos left in Africa, has been losing more than 20 rhinos a month. If the current trend continues, the rhino conservation gains of the last decade will begin to erode. 

WWF has organised a worldwide Rhino Month campaign in support of the rhino warriors on the frontline in the fight against poaching. These brave men and women face well-armed poachers, many of whom are militarily-trained, in order to protect our rhinos. 

You can help them by helping us provide the support, equipment and training they need to keep themselves and our rhinos safe. Donations to our Rhino Month fund can be made at or a direct deposit can be made:
Bank name:  ABSA
Branch code: 632 005
Account no: 406 043 0641
Reference: name + Rhino.
Alternatively phone Denise Samson on 021 888 2800.

Money raised will be used directly to buy anti-poaching patrol equipment (such as binoculars, bullet-proof armour, radios) and to provide essential training for anti-poaching patrols. It will also be used for emergency veterinary treatments for injured rhino and to improve monitoring of rhino populations.

Rhino Month will culminate in Rhino Day on Wednesday 22 September 2010. At 1pm on Rhino Day, we are asking people around the world to dust off their vuvuzelas and make some noise in a symbolic call for effective international action against rhino poaching. We’re using one African horn to call for help for another. (It doesn’t have to be a vuvuzela … you can also blow didgeridoos or alpine horns or toot your car hooters or anything else that makes a big noise in support of rhinos).

The illegal trade in rhino horn is run by sophisticated international criminal organisations. It uses modern technologies and spans the globe. It is too big for single governments or NGOs to deal with. We must all help to protect the iconic African rhino.
  • Make a noise for rhinos at 1pm on Rhino Day, Wednesday 22 September 2010
  • Spread the word. Tell your friends and families to support Rhino Day. 
  • Challenge others to take part. 
  • Raise money and make a donation to help save Africa’s rhinos. 
  • Send pictures of your Rhino Day and Rhino Month activities to
  • Ask friends from Asia to spread the word about how buying rhino horn is illegal and poaching for rhino horn is hurting a precious African resource and icon.
For more information visit

Thanks in advance for your support.

The WWF Team