‘Fly With Me: Healed from Multiple Sclerosis’ by Helen Phillips

Helen Phillips was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was 27 years old and a mother of 3 young children. This is her true story of suffering with MS, the long lessons for healing and trials in war, widowhood, remarriage, divorce and financial struggle.

Helen was born in South Africa, and educated in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). She went to university in Cape Town, South Africa, but married before she completed her degree. She and her husband moved back to Rhodesia in 1967 where she became ill and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She and her family went through the Rhodesian civil war, her husband died in Harare in 1977 and she moved back to Cape Town with her children. 

She is now involved in community work with the poor in Muizenberg, Cape Town and writes and paints in her spare time. She also does relief work at the Christian Radio Station CCFm and with her husband distributes food for the poor on behalf of her church.
Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable disease and is becoming more and more prevalent. This true story of God healing from multiple sclerosis will give other sufferers the faith, hope, and tools to go to God for their healing.
“Helen’s painful testimony is written in a gripping style.  You don’t want to put this down once you start.  As you read you feel as if you want to go to the last chapter to see whether it all ends well.  For anyone who is sick and trusting God for a miraculous healing this is a must read.”  Pastor John Thomas. Baptist Union.
This story is about God helping in all circumstances, not only sickness and paralysis, but also war, death, divorce and financial problems and will inspire people to trust Him for help in all their trials.
This true story gives the means and methods God showed an ordinary woman in the ups and downs of her life, until victory was finally obtained. This is not about a perfect person but a fallible human being making mistakes and struggling in faith against steep odds.
As readers ‘fly with her’ they will be able to embrace the lessons God taught her and obtain victory in their own lives.
In order to reach and help more people, Helen is offering two free signed books in a competition.
All you have to do to enter is send an email informing 6-10 of your email friends about her book and a copy to her with a note as to why you would like to read her book. The two most meaningful responses will win the books. The competition closes on the 30th November. Send your responses to