South African Legion of Military Veterans

For the first time in history, the date will read  “11 A.M., 11-11-11”. This recalls the time of the Armistice that ended the First World War, which was agreed for 11 o’clock on the 11th Day of the 11th Month (November).

93 years ago the guns did fall silent, ending the War, known as “The War to End Wars”. Sadly, it hasn’t turned out that way, and it has been followed by “wars and rumours of wars” ever since.  In these wars and “low intensity conflicts”, men and women have paid a price, both the ultimate price of their lives and the price of wounds and psychological trauma, which they still bear today.

All year round, these Veterans must live with disabilities and lost opportunities but on Remembrance Day, society traditionally turns to them with parades, salutes and gifts of various kinds.

We, the South African Legion, as the custodians of the Red Poppy, will have members and friends collecting for the Veterans of all wars, conflicts and the Freedom Struggle and so call on the South Africa public to show its generosity to these Veterans by wearing a Poppy and making a donation.

For further information, contact the National President, Lt. Col. Godfrey Giles,

Telephone:    011-486-4533

Fax:                086-0684-8592


 Or PR Chris Szabo

Telephone:  012-343-0450