Wheel of Time – Creation of a Sacred Sand Mandala
Werner Herzog, UK/Germany/France; 2003
Filmed in BodhGaya, India and Graz, Austria, as well as Kailash, Tibet.


 Simon’s Town Museum Thursday 6 February at 11am 
Book with museum on 021 786 3046 or by return email
Ticket: R40
Running time: 80 minutes
 Sand Mandala. Image from Exploring Consciousness
Q&A after the screening  by Tibetan Lamas who will discuss the sand mandala to be constructed at the V&A Clock Tower.
: the creation of a sand mandala. It includes interviews with the Dalai Lama, and shows him not on a platform discussing contemporary issues, but what he is really here to do: praying with 1000s of pilgrims. Footage includes some secret rituals and a pilgrimage to the holy Mount Kailash in Tibet, with a powerful soundtrack of Tibetan music and monks’ chanting.

Amazing and inspiring to see about half a million people travel from far and wide

for a deeply spiritual event.
“Astonishingly moving” – BWerner Herzog’s beautiful film explores the Buddhist Kalachakra initiationBC



11-23 February at V&A Clock Tower

Tibetan Lamas and monks Ven. Geshe Sangey Thinley, Ven. Geshe Jamyang Sherab and Ven. Karma Gyasey will be visiting Cape Town in February 2014 for the purpose of offering a Chenrezig Sand Mandala of Compassion to the people of Cape Town.  The monks live in New Zealand however originally come from Tibet.


The mandala that they will be constructing from fine grains of coloured sands, is the mandala of Chenrezig – the Buddha of Compassion. In the centre of the mandala is a ‘Hri’ – the seed syllable for compassion. The monks believe that anyone who sees this symbol will have the seed of compassion planted in their mind-stream, and like any seed, when the right conditions come about, it will flourish.


In essence, the whole event is a cultural art-form that is all about the promotion of love and compassion amongst all beings – no matter what race, colour, gender, religion or tradition.


Opening ceremony at V&A Clock Tower: Tuesday 11 Feb at 6pm – all welcome

Creating the sand mandala – all welcome – daily 12 – 22 Feb from 9-5pm

except Monday the 17th 

Closing ceremony – the sweeping up of the mandala symbolising impermanence:

Sunday 23 Feb at 3pm.

(Bring a flower, a cushion to sit on and a small container for some of the sacred sand).

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Excellent Herzog fare; surreal, stylistic, yet real
I just saw Wheel of Time yesterday at its première in Toronto, where Herzog was present. As usual, Herzog creates a compelling film: a portrait of a traditional Buddhist initiation ceremony. Specifically, we are shown the pilgrimage of hundreds of thousands of people to India and one year later, to a similar ceremony in Austria. On a purely documentary level, this winning film is a fascinating piece, giving insight into this ancient ceremony (including the pilgrimage itself), as well as showing us the painstaking construction of a large “mandala” made out of colored sand, with a “wheel of time” intricately designed in its center. The interviews with the Dalai Lama were interesting and even humorous. On an artistic level, it is also a winner, as Herzog mixes stylistic poses and environmental landscapes within the structure of the documentary. Of course, Herzog’s critics call this self-indulgence, but I strongly disagree. Herzog operates on a subconscious level in most of his films, including his narrative features, and actually succeeds where other “artsy” filmmakers fail miserably. Herzog has produced yet another fascinating masterpiece.