Civic organisations in the Far South Peninsula have commented on the draft Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)  for the area. A leaflet –  “Facing Facts – Essential Information for our Future” – has been compiled by Lesley Shackleton, summarising all the essential input from the  Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF). 

In our Newsletters and also per my chairman’s report at the Fish Hoek Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association FHVRRA AGM held on 27 August, we have  provided information on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) undertaken by the CSIR for the City of Cape Town (as originally requested by the Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF) in a meeting held with the Mayor in May 2013!).


At the AGM of the FSPCF held on 18 August the following was minuted :


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA):


Patrick Dowling (chairman) briefly outlined the history pertaining to the Far South’s persistent requests for the City to conduct a proper SEA.  When the FSPCF eventually received a draft, members of the Forum contributed towards putting together a detailed commentary on its contents.  A final version of the SEA has just been published and is being looked at by members of the FSPCF.  Whilst it has been a compromised process, at least a more up to date sub-regional spatial review now exists.


After a thorough analysis of the documents the FSPCF will engage with the City on it and make the contents accessible to the public via the press.  Lesley Shackleton has extracted all the valuable input from the FSPCF’s commentary on the draft SEA to form a leaflet “Facing Facts – Essential Information for our Future”. This leaflet is being widely circulated to all FSPCF member organisation, MAYCO members and City Planning officials.


We attach for your information the electronic copy of this excellent leaflet.

“Facing Facts – Essential Information for our Future” – Far South Peninsula


Feel free to distribute and use widely. The more we can inform people and organisations in the Far South about our realities, the better.


Allen Rose-Innes

Chairman – FHVRRA