The Botanical Society of South Africa


There would be no Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden without the Botanical Society of South Africa.  The land for the Garden was granted on condition that the organisation be formed to support the development of the National Botanical Garden. The Society was formed on 10 June 1913 and held its first general meeting on 31 July 1913.  Its original aims were to encourage the public’s involvement in the development of Kirstenbosch, to augment the Government grants, to organise botanical shows, and to enlighten and instruct members on botanical subjects.  These aims are virtually unchanged today, and the Botanical Society has grown with the former National Botanical Gardens (1913 – 1989), later the National Botanical Institute (1989 – 2004)and now SANBI (2004 to present) to extend its support to the eight other National Botanical Gardens as well as Kirstenbosch.  The Society, as a national body, has 16 branches countrywide.


The Botanical Society of South Africa serves a membership of 30 000. The Society has an active volunteer programme with volunteers engaged in work at Kirstenbosch and all other national botanical gardens such as guided tours, walks, hacks, conservation of the endangered wildflowers, educational outreach and helping with the annual Garden Fair and Plant sales.


Head Office: Tel 021 797 2090.  Email: