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In four days, world leaders could agree to a plan to end $1 trillion a year payments to polluters and invest it in renewable energy instead. This is our best chance to save our planet from runaway climate change, and President Obama himself, who hosts the G8 meeting this weekend, wants to cut off these wasteful payments. Now it depends on all of us driving it through. Sign the petition to President Obama to lead this plan to save the planet:

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In four days, world leaders could agree to a plan that is our best chance yet to save the planet from runaway climate change. But it needs a massive public push to drive it from words to action.

It’s crazy, but right now, our governments give nearly $1 trillion a year of our taxpayer money to big oil and coal to destroy our planet. Key leaders, including President Obama, have already agreed to stop these polluter payments. And this weekend, he is hosting the G8 summit where leaders of the world’s biggest economies can finally start moving this plan forward. If we demand governments divert this huge sum into renewable energy now, experts say we could actually stop climate change!

It’s a simple no-brainer, but dirty industry has a hold on our politicians which can only be countered by extraordinary people power. Let’s show President Obama that we want him to lead the world’s largest economies to get behind this planet saving plan now. Click here to Sign the petition :

We’re rapidly reaching a point of no return on climate change and a treaty to prevent catastrophe is years off. Fortunately, momentum behind this new planet saving plan is building ahead of next month’s Rio Summit – the biggest environmental meeting in 20 years. New Zealand, Mexico and Switzerland are calling for an agreement at Rio, and just now policy makers from 20 countries including the US, Brazil, and China have voiced their support.

But without massive public support the powerful polluters could bury the proposal. All G8 leaders have already publicly committed to ending these dirty subsidies. And President Obama is right now pushing for US legislation to stop them. Now, it’s up to us to make it a global priority to turn these black payments green.

If we can show Obama that a huge number of citizens around the world want him to lead the way, we can win! We have four days left. Sign the petition for Obama to make this his priority.

For too long, progress on a global and cooperative solution to climate change has been held back by self-interest and the profits of Big Oil, Coal and Gas. But, finally governments are realising that cutting subsidies will benefit the climate and help balance out the global economy. Together, our movement can make sure our leaders take firm action now to save the planet by freeing the world from the tyranny of fossil fuels.

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