Online search begins for most-loved Mutt and Meow of the Year

Support the the CoGH SPCA by entering your cat or dog in the SPCA Royal Canin Mutt & Meow of the Year online pet photo competitionYour pet could be just what the judges are looking for in the SPCA Royal Canin Mutt & Meow of the Year online pet photo competition, which runs from 10 April to 21 May 2012 and aims to help hundreds of homeless pets by finding the most-loved and adored cat and dog online.

An adaptation of the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA’s popular Mutt of the Year competition, which was held annually for 15 years, the new online competition makes it possible for many more dogs to stand a chance of winning the coveted Mutt of the Year title and for the first time gives cat-lovers an opportunity to brag about their feline friends in the new Meow of the Year category.

“Unlike traditional pet competitions which reward dogs and cats with fancy pedigrees and pure-bred characteristics, the SPCA Royal Canin Mutt & Meow of the Year will celebrate the unconditional love and special companionship between pet owners and their canine and feline friends, regardless of their breed,” said CoGH SPCA Communication and Resource Development Manager Sarah Scarth.

The competition also aims to help hundreds of stray and abandoned animals not as fortunate as those being entered for the titles of Mutt & Meow of the Year, by encouraging pet owners to get their friends and family to vote and donate online to the CoGH SPCA.

“It’s really easy to enter and with the help of Facebook you can encourage your friends to vote for your pet and at the same time raise funds for the CoGH SPCA,” said Royal Canin Marketing Manager, Tarryn Day. “But regardless of how many votes your pet gets, every entrant stands an equal chance of being chosen as the SPCA Royal Canin Mutt or SPCA Royal Canin Meow of the Year,” says Tarryn.  “The judges will be looking for that extra special connection between an owner and their dog or cat.  We want to show that rescued animals, whether mixed-breed or pedigree, make treasured companions,” she says.

The photo that found this rescue dog an adoring owner!The four competition prize categories include the Mutt of the Year and Meow of the Year, which is open to all cats and dogs and the Mutt Top Fundraiser and Meow Top Fundraiser, which will be awarded to the pet and owner who through their votes (each vote is just a R1 donation) raises the most amount of money for the CoGH SPCA.

To enter, simply log on to upload a photograph of your pet along with a short motivation as to why your pet is worthy of the coveted title.  Complete your entry by making a small donation to the CoGH SPCA, which can be made via credit card, EFT or by direct deposit.  Winners will be selected based on the most original and compelling stories and will be chosen by a panel of judges including Kfm breakfast show host, Charmaine Noy.  Both entrants and voters stand a chance of winning fabulous prizes from super premium pet food manufacturers Royal Canin, tick and flea treatments from Cipla Vet, pet toys and accessories, a pet portrait session with Tamed and Framed Pet Photography and much more. The winners will also be presented with a floating trophy and medal and will feature on the cover of the CoGH SPCA’s magazine, Footprints.

For more information visit or join the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Facebook or Twitter (@SPCAcape) pages.

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