We recently came across The Handbag Project which was founded by The Jes Foord Foundation. The handbags are filled with personal comfort items and given to rape survivors during the initial reporting process at police stations.


We feel very strongly about the issue of rape and would appreciate any donations of UNUSED OR GOOD, SECOND-HAND HANDBAGS that we can donate towards the project, from our Simon’s Town Museum family. Please ask others that you know, to assist if they are able.


We are also appealing for the following items as suggested by the JF Foundation’s website:

Panties (S,M,L); face cloths; sanitary towels; soap (liquid/bar); body lotion (small); toothpaste; toothbrush; shampoo (small/decanted); deodorant; comb; tissues; chocolate; hair clips/bands; a small soft toy and a note – words of comfort/care.


Please drop the handbags with CATHY, with a note giving your name, phone number and number of items donated. We will deliver the bags to the drop-off point personally.


Deadline for donations:  28th August 2014


Thank you so much for your kind support!

Cathy Salter-Jansen


Simon’s Town Museum